Reimage Review: Extending The Useful Lifespan Of XP

One outcome of the current recession has been the increasing number of XP users that are holding on to their XP machines, rather than making an upgrade. This Reimage review highlights how one PC maintenance software vendor is helping prolong the operating systems shelf life.

Even prior to the recession, Windows XP was still proving popular with PC users.
-    Vista was a poorly received upgrade so many folk were holding on for Windows 7.
-    The XP service packs have made it a reliable and fast system to use.
-    Computers from 5/10 years ago were already pretty fast for most people’s general needs so buying a new computer became less necessary.
-    Cheap RAM for older machines means cost-effective upgrades can be made if performance does start becoming an issue.

The downside of this has been the increasing need for support products/services to keep XP running well past its best-before date. Of the current slew of PC maintenance software vendors the Reimage repair tool is one of the few to fix issues with the registry, third party applications and the operating system (others specialized in one).

A blue screen issue or a slow running PC can be due to a combination of problems (corrupt registry, missing/faulty files, viruses) so Reimage uses a holistic approach to repairing each problem area.

The scan and repair process checks registry settings against their knowledge base of healthy systems and resets the keys appropriately (even optimizing settings to make your PC run faster). Their inventory of 20 million application/OS files can be used to replace missing/faulty software files and upgrade earlier versions of files.

Using Reimage does not preclude regular maintenance activities. Indeed, it is still advisable to regularly run Windows update, back-up your data and clean out unused applications. Where it comes into its own is for repairing Windows XP as more and more applications are targeting later operating systems they will increasingly under-perform and even harm the smooth running of XP.

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