Using Hair Thinning Scissors

If you ask me, many people don’t probably even have an idea what are thinning shears, and because of that they should keep away from cutting hair in the first place. If you know your thing then I strongly urge you to also know your equipment as the hair thinning scissors can be quite helpful if you know how to use them. If you have no idea how to get the most out of them then it is as good as nothing.

If you just recently bought your hair thinning scissors then you must take a moment to look at them and think about the situations where you could use them. You might be a mother trying to save money by cutting your childrens hair, and especially if you have girls, you will have to look like you know what you are doing when you are using them. To impress the little ladies you might want to throw in some professional talk and try to explain why you use them – the girls are going to be proud that their own mother is a professional coiffeur.

The thing with hair thinning shears is that they don’t have blades, as opposed to the normal shears, but instead the have to sets of teeth. These are going to remove only a part of the hair, and not everything you cut. So you can’t use them to reduce the lenght of the entire hair, but instead you can greatly use them cut just some hairs shorter – as a result of this the hair is going to look thinner. The thing is that you don’t want hair to look thinner – thick hair is nice and good looking, but instead you only want to use them to the extent that is going to make the hair act better, but at the same time still look as thick as it is.

The best tip that you can get for using hair thinning scissors is to not use them too much. You don’t want to create a look where it is obvious that the hair is thin, but instead you want to make it look like it is under control and moldable. With proper use you can get rid of problem areas like twirls that so many of us have. If you really have to make the whole hair thinner in case of really thick hair, then you should just go through it section by section and use the shears only once on each section.

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